Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Former Abortion Clinic Comes Back As Catholic Chapel!

From the 'yes, there IS a God' files, comes a story about a former abortion clinic in Williamsville, NY that has been turned into the chapel of a Catholic radio station.

Aptly titled 'The Chapel of the Holy Innocents', the chapel was dedicated by Bishop Edward Kmiec of Buffalo in memory of all babies who have been aborted. Station of The Cross, a four station Catholic radio network, constructed the chapel for private reflections by radio station employees and will also be the site of live broadcasts of the Holy Mass.

'In the tradition of the early church, pagan temples were turned into holy spaces,' Bishop Kmiec said. 'We have done the same thing here today.' Indeed, besides being a place of worship and quiet reflection, the symbolic replacement of an abortion clinic with a house of God can only be described as inspirational to those who work in the trenches and are committed to a culture of life. Amidst the constant news of abortion rates remaining high, certain Catholic/Christian politicians defending abortion as a fundamental right, and a culture that turns a blind eye to it, I thank God for stories like this one.

Here's the article: http://www.catholic.org/national/national_story.php?id=20536


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