Tuesday, July 11, 2006

And The Darwin Award In Advertising Goes To...

Courtesy of an outstanding Catholic Blog, here you see and feel the evil of those marketing artificial birth control. This is an advertisement for Legends Condoms in Australia. It won the bronze medal at the Cannes Advertising Awards and truly puts a face on artificial birth control, don't it? Please say a prayer for all involved in this grotesque and tasteless magazine ad.

Call me crazy but the sheer graphic nature, audacity, and honesty of this advertisement seems like a pretty good advertisement AGAINST artificial birth control. The image is as truthful as they come and provokes thoughts that otherwise may not arise. This reminds me of the Darwin awards in which some poor sap undertakes seemingly harmless and even fun activity like, say, taking a drive in his rocket propelled IROC Z-28 and ends up becoming a crater. This ad seems to punch itself in the proverbial condom holder.

Now when Priests For Life wants to place an ad in a magazine showing the graphic nature of an abortion, they are solidly and roundly denied at every front. Yet a condom manufacturer can submit this eerie and haunting piece and get an award for it. Many thanks to Curt Jester and The Cafeteria Is Closed who are always timely, relevant, and invaluable.


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